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Car Wash


With Clean Getaway at the Crossroads, Monthly Unlimited Wash Club Membership you can take control of keeping your vehicle clean! Save money by having the option to wash your vehicle once a day for one low monthly fee. Our Monthly Unlimited Wash Clubs start at $19.99, pick the Monthly Unlimited Wash Club Membership that best fits your needs and drive around town in style every day! Monthly passes give you the ease of automated monthly billing with no contract. You can cancel anytime by notifying us at least 5 days before your bill date. ​


Fire & Ice – $39.99

• Everything in the Deluxe wash, plus:
• Turtle Wax Fire Bath Clean/Protect
• Turtle Wax Fire Wax
• Turtle Wax Ice Instant Shine
• 48 hour Rain Guarantee w/ receipt code

Deluxe Wash – $29.99

Everything in the Regular wash, plus:
• High pressure clean
• Underbody protectant
• Wheel brightener
• Turtle Wax Triple Shine
• Turtle Wax Blazin’ Glaze 

Regular Wash – $19.99

• Bug eliminator (summer)
• Foaming Pre soak
• Rocker blaster
• Wheel & tire cleaner
• Undercarriage flush

• Soft & Foamy wash

• Spot free rinse
• High velocity dry

Enrolling is easy! Simply drive up to our automated payment kiosks and select the package that you want to enroll in. After your first wash, drive around to the office to get your RFID tag. Our employees will place the sticker on your windshield, so all you have to do in the future is drive up to the kiosk, and the RFID scanner will read your membership and let you through! 

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