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We know how good it feels to drive a clean vehicle and our 150′ Soft-N-Foamy conveyor tunnel car wash is here to help. Whether you are looking to get the dirt and grime off your vehicle or you are looking for the ultimate protection and shine, we have you covered. We guarantee you the best car washing experience by providing professional, attentive customer service attendants, state-of-the-art car wash equipment, and by applying the best Turtle Wax Pro products during your car wash, we are sure you will be back again.


Fire & Ice – $17.00

• Everything in the Deluxe wash, plus:
• Turtle Wax Fire Bath Clean/Protect
• Turtle Wax Fire Wax
• Turtle Wax Ice Instant Shine
• 48 hour Rain Guarantee w/ receipt code

Deluxe Wash – $12.00

Everything in the Regular wash, plus:
• High pressure clean
• Underbody protectant
• Wheel brightener
• Turtle Wax Triple Shine
• Turtle Wax Blazin’ Glaze 

Regular Wash – $7.00

• Bug eliminator (summer)
• Pre soak
• Rocker blaster
• Spot free rinse
• Wheel & tire cleaner
• Undercarriage flush
• High velocity dry

Extra Add-On Services
* Floor Mat Shampooing (2 for $9, 4 for $15)

* Hand Wheel Cleaning – $3.99 Individual hand cleaning and detailing of all four wheels by trained prep employees.

* Hand Applied Tire Dressing – $3.99 Bring out the ultimate tire shine on your vehicle after purchasing one of our car washes.

* Hand Dry- $4.99 Have your car or truck towel dried by hand by one of our knowledgeable auto detail employees.

* Snow and Ice Removal (Winter Only) – $4.99 Offered in the Winter months to remove Snow and Ice that has been built up on your vehicle in the elements.

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