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Whether you want to sell your home, make it look good for an upcoming event or maybe it’s just time for spring cleaning – high quality professional pressure washing can make a tremendous difference to the overall look of your home. Pressure washing your entire exterior with low pressure will freshen your home from top to bottom, and likely increase the perceived value of your home. Best of all, we use only products which are friendly to the planet and get the best results!


Over time, dirt, grime, algae, and mold inevitably build up on the deck surface, resulting in a dull, faded appearance. 

But we can restore beauty to your deck! Our deck cleaning includes a thorough wash, utilizing our specialized cleaning detergents that kill and remove all surface dirt. This cleaning procedure washes away ugly buildup to reveal a like-new looking composite or wood deck.


Boats can collect quite an array of stains, grime and fungal growths in their years of service. Boats that have been exposed to the elements for too long tend to lose their shine and appeal, but when cleaned properly they regain their beauty. Moreover, regular cleaning helps save money and time in the long run. Call Shiny Brite in the spring to get your boat ready for the sailing season, or get it cleaned up in the fall and ready for storage!


Get a $50 coupon when you have both your house and deck washed!

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